Me and my bandog, Roni!

You might have thought that I am small. I am 1.86m height, and I weight 120kg. The dog is BIG!

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The dogs shown here come from Lucero's Working Class Kennels and Thunderdome's Kennels

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- 30/5/08. New pictures in the "Photo Gallery" section. The dogs shown there, come from our kennel "BANDOGFARM"; they are younger than 20 months old.
Our male dogs can be used as stallions, when certain conditions/requirements are met, and sperm could be sent to your country.

- 12/01/07. Our new website is online. We hope that you will enjoy it. Feel free to send us your opinion.  

- From "Anyone who is in the market for a great family dog that will be an intruder's nightmare should consider the Bandog"

What is a bandog?

The Bandog is designed to be a close quarter combat dog. It excels in realistic protection and can be a wonderful companion/family dog for experienced dog owners. They are quite trainable and easy to maintain. It is mainly good natured, fond of children in general, extremely devoted to its owner and eager to work. Appearance is muscular, behaviour is self assured, steady and fearless. It is basically a calm dog that transforms when a bad situation arises.

Origin :
Non specific
Size :
Males:       55-70 kg. (121 - 154 lbs)
Females:  50-58 kg. (110 - 128 lbs)